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Janet Salazar 


Janet Salazar believes that all children can develop and progress if their God-given gifts and talents are uncovered, and that children are motivated and will flourish under the direction of knowledgeable professionals in a loving, faith-based environment.  Janet began her career by earning a bachelor’s of business administration from the University of Texas Arlington, with a double major in marketing and real estate.  After graduation, she worked in Dallas in commercial real estate brokerage for two years before returning to school to earn her masters of business administration from Texas Christian University in 1990.  Janet spent most of her 20 year career that followed in sales and marketing.  She concluded her full-time career as director of sales and marketing for Manuel Weavers, a textile manufacturing company where she oversaw key domestic and international accounts.  In 2005, after her son, Luke, was born she decided to stay home and work part-time in the family business, McClaren Partners. As Luke grew older and his speech delay, Apraxia, and other developmental delays unfolded, Janet and her husband Orlando pursued the traditional resources that public school offers.  After a few years of having their son in that setting, they began searching for a more appropriate educational program.  Unable to find that program, Janet and Orlando, along with the Pinson family, decided to start Cornerstone Achievement Center.  Their desire is to provide an excellent educational opportunity that makes a lasting difference in the lives of children. In additional to serving as co-founder of Cornerstone, Janet serves on the boards of Life Alliance for Thrive Women’s Clinic in Dallas, Connecting Point of Park Cities, and Park Cities Leaning Differences. She and her husband Orlando are active members of Gateway Church in Dallas.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, shopping for antiques, and attending a ladies’ Bible study.

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Crystal Pinson
Co-founder & Director

Crystal Pinson has learned that children with special needs often do not fit neatly into common labels, and that they can thrive when they are treated as the unique, amazing individuals that God created them to be.   Her journey in developing this philosophy began when she earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1999. After graduation, she worked at Neiman Marcus in its buying office and marketing department. In April of 2004, she became a full time home manager after delivering her first child, Annalise.  Asher followed in 2006, and then Primo (born 2008) from Congo in September of 2012. As Annalise aged, it became more evident that she needed specialized education to meet her developmental delays and address her speech disorder, Apraxia.  After several years in the traditional educational environment, it was clear that Annalise’s educational needs were not being met in a way that challenged her or uncovered her strengths. Recognizing this gap in the educational system and the lack of private schools that are appropriate for Annalise, she and her husband, Chad, were led to start Cornerstone Achievement Center with the Salazar family. She is a member at Watermark Community Church, loves to attend Bible studies, serves in the PTA at the boys’ school, and enjoys a cup of coffee with a friend.


Cornerstone Achievement Center was founded by two families with a desire to provide a faith-based educational program for individuals with special needs. This private, not for profit, day program for school age students aims to provide an environment that will uncover and develop each child’s potential and God-given talents.


Our mission

Our goal is to offer individualized and group educational services in a nurturing, supportive, and faith-based environment.  Ours is a team effort.  We gather input from parents, teachers, previous testing, and further assessment tools. We choose curriculum and programs that can be individualized so that teachers can differentiate instruction. 

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